Music – It’s Instrumental – and it can be Easy!

Clare Kenny
| November 22, 2016

America’s National Association for Music Education has recently published their findings – that “middle schoolers love to do” when exploring music. Playing an instrument helps students become life-long music lovers.

Many teachers can feel a little stuck teaching music in the classroom. Students present with different abilities and interests when it comes to music-making and this can be a real challenge for teachers.  Introducing instruments to the classroom can be a real game-changer in this situation.  Perceived barriers to introducing instruments in the classroom include a fear of losing control of the room and the anticipated high expense of purchasing and maintaining instruments.

 Junk percussion can be a wonderful solution! Creating instruments from scratch helps students understand the makings of an instruments and the materials and techniques required to create sound in creating music and exploring familiar tunes.

The National Association for Music Education have come up with some handy tips and tricks to help teachers address these concerns and manage music-making with students. Read more from the National Association for Music Education, here.

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