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ARIA Adds New Sales Statistics To Charts Counts

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards (pictured) sell music via Bandcamp
Jasmine Crittenden
| October 10, 2016

Music sales made via Bandcamp are now included in the ARIA Charts calculations, Andrew Jervis, a curator at Bandcamp, told Faster Louder on Friday 7 October.

He said that, although ARIA had not officially made the announcement, the addition “started as of about three weeks ago … Hopefully, that helps out the King Gizzards and Courtney Barnetts who do sell a lot of music on Bandcamp.”

Later that day, The Music reported that ARIA had confirmed the news. “We are very excited to be able to include Bandcamp sales into the ARIA Charts,” an ARIA spokesperson said. “This platform that has become increasingly integral for artists, in particular independent artists, to sell their music to their fans.”

Bandcamp joins Deezer, Google Play, Guvera, iTunes, Music Glue, MyPlay Direct, Spotify and YouTube in contributing to the charts. To be considered, a digital service must meet protocols and use software appropriate to reporting to ARIA.

“Parties wishing to become information providers must first contact ARIA,” Adrian Di Giacomo, communications manager at ARIA, told Tone Deaf in May 2016. “The intending information provider’s data reporting capability will then be tested … To qualify and remain qualified, a retail store must be capable of monitoring and recording all of their eligible sales through an electronic point of sale computer.”

Di Giacomo pointed out that iTunes was established in 2003, but did not register with ARIA until April 2006.

Bandcamp has been developing its reporting capabilities since May 2016. “We have a growing number of established artists and labels in the UK and Australia that are focusing on their Bandcamp presence, so chart reporting is a request we’ve had more often recently,” David Dufresne, head of strategy and growth at Bandcamp, told Faster Louder on 26 May.

On 10 May, Tone Deaf had pointed out King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard’s Nonagon Infinity had made Number 19 in the ARIA Albums Chart, but that the sale of 1,500 copies via Bandcamp had not been counted.

“Indeed, it would be interesting to see how King Gizzard would’ve faired if Bandcamp sales were counted, especially considering the band have sold out of both vinyl editions of Nonagon Infinity,” wrote Greg Moskovitch.

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