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Uni Students To Launch Women’s Rock Magazine

Debbie Harry - Image credit:
Jasmine Crittenden
| April 11, 2016

Two university students have founded a music magazine that’s entirely created by women. Titled Gusher, it’s an annual print publication covering rock, punk and indie, and featuring journalism, music and art.

“We noticed there was a hole in the market,” said co-editor Isabella Trimboli, a second year Media and Communications student at the University of Sydney. “I love reading music magazines, but I often get the impression they’re not made with women in mind. We wanted to create something we would love.”

Given the ubiquity of online music publications, Ms Trimboli and co-editor Juliette Younger, a writer, drummer and third year Media and Communications student at the University of Sydney, opted for print.

“It’s easy to get lost online,” said Ms Trimboli. “I think a magazine, being a physical thing, can carve out a space for women in a physical way. Also, there’s a lot of long form material, which works better in print.”

Instead of focusing on a single theme, Gusher’s content expresses diverse voices and ideas. Detailed interviews and long-form articles embrace “nuanced, thoughtful and enduring discussions”, “moving away from the ephemeral ‘hot take’ nature of cultural critique.”

Trimboli and Younger also hope to challenge the popular notion that rock’s greatest days are over. “A lot of the stuff that I read reflects on the past – on rock’s ‘Golden Age’,” said Ms Trimboli. “Coverage of modern rock bands is really lacking.” The magazine covers musicians of all eras – from ‘70s stars to mid-career bands to upcoming acts.
In the first edition, readers can look forward to an extended discussion of The Libertines, written by Alexis Late (Collapse Board), as well as interviews with cult filmmaker Penelope Spheeris (The Decline of Western Civilisation, Wayne’s World, Suburbia) and musician Seth Bogat (Hunx and His Punx, Wacky Wacko).

To raise funds for publication, Ms Trimboli and Ms Younger are running a crowd funding campaign via Pozible. As of 11 April – six days before the campaign’s deadline – they had raised $4,000 from 94 pledgers.

Gusher’s first edition will be launched on 28 April with a live gig in Sydney, featuring performances by Angie, The Pinheads and The Sufferjets.



  1. Chris McNulty

    GREAT and AMAZING! Any chance you can include the jazz genre? We get left out of so much and there are AWSOME Aussie women musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists) who are blazing trails here at hom and around the globe. Chris McNulty.

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