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Iconic Bondi Pavilion is getting an upgrade – don’t forget the music.

Bondi Pavillion
Andy Sarkozy
| March 30, 2016

Waverley Council is starting work this year on a project to conserve the iconic Bondi Pavilion─ a much loved landmark and heritage building providing a vibrant mix of cultural, community and commercial uses at Bondi Beach.

One of Bondi Pavilion’s key functions, utilised and valued by the Bondi art and music community, is supporting local musicians and events. Chris Williams, from the Bondi Association for Arts & Music (BAAM) which also runs Bondi’s community radio station; Bondi Beach Radio, is determined for the Pavilion’s support of Bondi’s musical life to continue. Chris is in the process of rallying the Eastern Suburbs ‘music troops’ to ensure the upgrade plans adequately support, and advance Bondi’s music scene.

In an open letter to Malcom Turnbull’s office, Chris Williams, on behalf of BAAM, has requested the upgrades include two key points:

  • The preservation of the world class, beachside music studio where artists such as Rufus, Art v Science, Best Spacek, The Khanz, Keyim Ba, Misex, Skunkhour, Brendan Gallagher, Luka Bloom, Hein Cooper, and Bones have created music.
  • Amendments to the Pavilion Courtyard plans to retain the flexibility of use as a circa 2,000 person venue for cultural festivals. Re-positioning and adapting the proposed auditorium to enable it to function as an outdoor stage with shade and roof for patrons preserves an important circa 2,000 person venue.

“This will be a renovation that lasts for another 100 years, so we want to give it every last effort on behalf of music and culture” Chris says.

To show your support and to ensure these requests are implemented, send your letter of support via email to Chris Williams: [email protected]

Read the Open Letter submitted to Waverley Council here


  1. Nicolette Boaz

    Bondi Pavilion operates as our sole community centre. It provides a focal point for our community that is more and more under threat by commercial interests. Why would you tear down a perfectly functioning music studio just to build an identical one in Bondi Junction where NO-ONE is going to go. (rhetorical). There is nowhere else like it to have festivals with such a variety of spaces. Waverley Council has no artistic vision or interest in true art – not the high brow kind to be viewed with a glass of champagne in hand or from purchasing a year’s subscription to a music program.
    But the kind made by us the locals and our kids. Don’t be fooled by any statements to the contrary. There is nothing in writing guaranteeing community access and Council figures for Community / Commercial usage are inaccurate to the point of being false.
    As someone who has recorded for 3 albums in these studios, been involved in youth music groups and taken Senior Cits Choirs, I say -Hands off Bondi Pavilion ‘s Community spaces.

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