Off to a Great Start with Yamaha’s Music Education Clips

Andy Sarkozy
| February 15, 2016
A Music Australia Yamaha  PROMOTION

Yamaha Music Australia has recently launched their Off to a Great Start campaign, to encourage student involvement with school music by learning an instrument.  This new resource from Yamaha supports teachers in recruiting students to their school music program. The clips cover the benefits of living a musical life through learning to play an instrument, with student, teacher and parent perspectives.

The first clip – aimed at students, explains how making music starts with a voice, emphasising that all students have the ability to create music.  It offers opinions of various music students playing an instrument in their school music program.  There’s also a brief overview of the five main instrument families; percussion, brass, woodwind, strings and electronic and how they create sound.

The second talks to parents and includes the thoughts of teachers, students and parents on music and its benefits. One parent/teacher talks about how music “shows students a life outside of themselves and provides them with a broader perspective and further opportunities to interact with children of all ages”.

The clip also highlights how well music education ties in with the school curriculum, assisting students develop communication, collaboration and problem solving skills, and providing opportunities to relate to different types of people.

The school principal featured in both clips talks about the link between learning music and excelling in the classroom, but importantly, emphasises how getting involved with the school music program teaches students a ‘life-long love, understanding and appreciation of music”

For more information, head to the Yamaha website.

You can view both Off to a Great Start clips here:

Off to a Great Start for Students:

“Seeing my child on stage is amazing!” – Off to a Great Start – Parent Video

“Seeing my child on stage is amazing!” – Off to a Great Start – Parent Video

Off To a Great Start for Parents:

“Seeing my child on stage is amazing!” – Off to a Great Start – Parent Video

“Seeing my child on stage is amazing!” – Off to a Great Start – Parent Video

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