Keep happy and healthy with music

Clare Kenny
| January 4, 2016

Scientific research is increasingly supporting a fact singers have known for years – that singing makes you happier and healthier. The last few years have seen the publication of several scientific papers and articles that capture the key points of the theory. These articles have been shared and embraced by all sorts of choirs from all around the world, and have become the latest marketing tool for community singing groups and music participation programs.

Last month, this publication explored the rise of A Capella Music in ACA-AWESOME: A Capella’s Boom where we discussed the role of TV in promoting interest and participation in a cappella singing. Choir programing, more generally, for TV is on the rise and this is doing much to grow public enthusiasm in watching and joining choirs.

For quick facts on the scientifically proven benefits of singing, try this list:

This understanding of singing as a tool to improve health and happiness is leading a positive revolution in formal and informal music therapy delivery. ABC News recently reported on the role of group singing in aged care centres, particularly exploring the benefits for patients with dementia. Music, particularly singing, fosters social connection and promotes self-esteem.

Everyone (no matter what you think) can sing, so why not sing for good! Investigate singing initiatives in your local area:

  • Register for Music: Count Us In 2016 – join over half a million voices as they sing the same song, on the same day, at the same time. FREE PROGRAM.
  • Register for ChorusOz 2016 – join nearly 1000 local, national and international participants for this exciting singing event.
  • Register for Sing for Good – get Australia singing and support those in need.

Fore more initiatives, read Jasmine Crittenden’s Ten Community Singing Events to join in 2016


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