Recipes to Riches: Inventive fundraising with Moorambilla Cookbook

Image credit: supplied by Moorambilla’s PR
Jasmine Crittenden
| December 8, 2015

As part of its tenth anniversary celebrations, Moorambilla Voices has launched a brand new cookbook, Moorambilla High Tea. It contains more than 100 recipes and all proceeds from sales are going directly to Moorambilla’s Tour Fund.

As the name suggests, the book contains recipes for making high tea, including cakes, slices, scones and savoury treats. In additon, each purchase comes with a free ‘Bonus Birthday DVD’, featuring Moorambilla Voices performing a range of Australian compositions, such as Baiame Nghunnu by Elena Kats-Chernin, the Narran Lakes Suite by Alice Chance and Andrew Howes, and Wide Open Sky by Dan Walker, as well as appearances by Taikoz and the Song Company.
Since being founded in 2006, Moorambilla Voices has established four vocal ensembles for school students living in remote New South Wales. Participants benefit from an annual programme, focusing on skills development and involving camps and performances. Touring is a crucial element of the experience.

‘One of the nicest things about touring is seeing how our older candidates develop into natural leaders, helping out and actively supporting the younger children,’ said Michelle Leonard, artistic director. ‘Touring is not just about sharing the amazing Australian music we commission and perform – it’s about the incredible opportunity to develop confidence and leadership and peer support skills.’

Moorambilla High Tea is on sale for $55. To order a copy, visit the Moorambilla Voices website.

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