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Possible closure of Radio Adelaide threatens local music scene

Graham Strahle
| December 8, 2015

The future looks uncertain for Australia’s longest standing community radio station, Radio Adelaide. The University of Adelaide is considering a range of options for the station, including offloading it to private hands or closing it altogether. The university has already sold the building on North Terrace in which Radio Adelaide is located, giving it until June next year to find a new home.

Radio Adelaide has been a major contributor to the musical life of Adelaide since it was established in 1972. It broadcasts many programs on classical, jazz, contemporary and other musical genres, with a strong emphasis on the local music scene. Station supporters have campaigned on social media against the threatened closure, and have launched a petition to save the station.

Adelaide’s musical and cultural life could be irreparably damaged if it were to close. David Sefton, the Adelaide Festival’s artistic director, has thrown his support behind Radio Adelaide saying: “We’ve always had a fantastic relationship between the festival and the station and I can’t imagine doing the festival without Radio Adelaide as a partner. The idea of an Adelaide without Radio Adelaide is completely unthinkable”.

Spearheading the changes, University of Adelaide’s Vice-Chancellor Warren Bebbington has said: “What I’d like to see is far more of the people who love Radio Adelaide actually spending a few dollars to help the station”.

The station itself favours a middle ground option that would see it run as an independent, non-profit entity, while maintaining a strong partnership with Adelaide University.

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