Attention Teachers, Parents & Students – AMEB would like to hear from you!

Andy Sarkozy
| December 8, 2015

The Australian Music Education Board (AMEB) is inviting music teachers, parents and students to participate in an international survey to gain a better understanding of challenges and successes in music teaching and learning. The survey, which is promising to be the largest international study to date, aims to assist AMEB to learn more about the experiences of students, parents, and teachers in music studios around the world. This will enable them to develop better music education tools and programs.

A full description of the research can be found at:

The survey will take no longer than 20 minutes to complete and will close on 15 January, 2015. If you complete the survey, participants will also go in the draw to win an Amazon gift card.

Links to the surveys are here:

Teacher Survey
Parent Survey
Student Survey




  1. craig collinge

    AMEB need to understand that flexability for students is the most important education tool for example students who learn classics need to know how that applie’s to all forms of music not just the classic repertoire.

  2. Christine Cochrane

    I’m still waiting for someone from AMEB to reply to me and one of my staff – it’s been about 6 months and after repeated requests to look into a situation where an examiner did not hear a List A piece but wrote “Satisfactory” in the box, we do not hear from AMEB. Not happy! Getting desperate! Hard to explain to parents why this is the preferred examining board. Please respond.

    1. Maeve Marsden

      Hi Christine,
      We are sorry you’ve had difficulties but this is an article about AMEB, rather than a post from the organisation. You will have to contact them directly.
      Music Australia

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