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Lease increase threatens ANAM

ANAM’s home, South Melbourne Town Hall
Graham Strahle
| November 24, 2015

Trouble in Australia’s tertiary music institutions continues with uncertainty now over the future of the Australian National Academy of Music. It might be forced to move following a sharp rise in the rent on its South Melbourne Town Hall home.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the lease is expected to more than double next year to almost $300,000 per annum, and that ANAM has already received an offer from the Australian National University to relocate there. In turn this would sever the academy’s connections with its present host institution, the University of Melbourne.

“It would be with reluctance if we were forced to relocate but my board is obliged to examine any offer of financial help to ensure future vibrancy,” ANAM’s general manager, Nick Bailey, is quoted as saying. “We are seeking support from the State Government to help relieve the strain.”

Local MP Martin Foley has written a letter of support to City of Port Phillip mayor Amanda Stevens supporting the academy’s continued presence in South Melbourne and the mayor herself is keen for it to stay, according to the SMH. So hopefully the matter will reach a speedy resolution.

Meanwhile, Paul Dean will shortly leave as ANAM’s Artistic Director, a position he has held since 2010. Australian oboist Nick Shay Deutsch succeeds him in February 2016.

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