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City of Melbourne Announces Inaugural Music Symposium

Jasmine Crittenden
| October 12, 2015

On 30 September, the City of Melbourne announced the inaugural Melbourne Music Symposium. To take place on Thursday 12 November (the eve of Melbourne Music Week) the event aims to explore “Melbourne’s status as one of the world’s great music cities.”

Both local and international experts will converge on Melbourne Town Hall to discuss what it takes to create a “thriving, successful and integrated live music scene.” Speakers include Amy Terrill, vice-president of public affairs at Music Canada; Professor Robert Kronenburg, Roscoe Chair of Architecture at the University of Liverpool; James Black, a Melbourne-based musician and producer; and Rohan Leppert, chair of arts and culture at City of Melbourne.

“We are a city that lives and breathes music, but our city is also growing at a rapid pace,” said Cr Leppert. “Our role as a capital city council is to work with the music industry to ensure that, as the city grows, so, too, does our live music sector.”

Anticipated topics include the availability of venues and spaces, the role of festivals and events, the importance of education and employment, the need for research and demographic analysis, and the challenges of resolving tensions between development and live music performance.

The Melbourne Music Symposium is a result of the City of Melbourne Music Strategy 2014-17, in partnership with Monash University and RMIT University and, with support from Face The Music and PBS 106.7FM.

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