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Australians Among World’s Biggest Spenders on Music
Jasmine Crittenden
| September 29, 2015

Last year, Australians spent $22.80 per capita on music, making us the sixth biggest spenders on music in the world.

Music Business Worldwide published the statistic following a study of the latest Recording Industry In Numbers, published annually by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

The report placed Norway at number one, with annual spending at $33.08 per capita, the UK second, at $29.19 per capita, and Japan third, at $28.95 per capita. The top ten markets are as follows:

  1. Norway: $US23.58 ($33.08)
  2. UK: $US20.81 ($29.19)
  3. Japan: $US20.64 ($28.95)
  4. Sweden: $US19.75 ($27.07)
  5. Germany: $US17.42 ($24.42)
  6. Australia: $US16.26 ($22.08)
  7. USA: $US15.36 ($21.53)
  8. Austria: $US13.56 ($19.01)
  9. Switzerland: $US13.39 ($18.77)
  10. France: $US12.76 ($17.89)

The figures include money spent on every aspect of music, from downloads to hardcopy record sales to streaming to concert tickets.

Meanwhile, the lowest rates in the world occurred in China, where spending on music amounted to $0.09 per capita; India, at $0.07 per capita; and Mexico at $1.50 per capita.

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