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Australian school takes up ‘FabLab’ that helps children compose their own music

Students at Lauriston Girls’ School’s Fablab Source: Financial Review
Graham Strahle
| September 29, 2015

Lauriston Girls’ School in Armadale, Victoria, is the first school in Australia to adopt a new science and technology based learning system developed at Stanford University that can help students compose music on their own.

Called [email protected] and designed by Stanford education academic Paulo Blikstein, it consists of coding software derived from robotics that enables children to find their own solutions to problems in creative subjects, maths and technology.

“Today at Lauriston Girls’ School a chirpy group of Year 5 and 6 students are busy creating scores of music in the schools’ own ‘FabLab’ – but there is not an instrument to be seen,” observed Australian Teacher Magazine’s Sarah Duggan. “Instead, the children eagerly tap away on laptops, programming codes to piece together their digital compositions”.

Lauriston’s principal, Susan Just, went to the US early last year to see FabLab in action and came away impressed at how it combines science, arts and media into a single, non-segmented learning package. “That ability to be able to plan, design and then go back and see where you’ve made mistakes and how you can improve on those and what you might need to do in order to solve problems, in again, an environment that’s very safe, around ‘it’s OK to make a mistake’ – is very important for girls,” she says.

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