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Music Matters release fun & informative copyright guides

Andy Sarkozy
| August 11, 2015

The Music Matters campaign is a collective of people across the music community, including artists, songwriters, labels, managers, publishers and music stores, formed to remind listeners of the value and significance of music. These animations have been created as part of an effort to demonstrate that copyright law provides an incentive for creators to continue creating. Their intention is not to answer every possible question that may come up for artists or users. Rather, their aim is  to highlight the important questions to ask when thinking about copyright law in a fun and engaging manner. Music Matters  hopes this series of animations and fact sheets will act as a guide for anyone interested in asking the right questions.

For the full suite of factsheets and animations head to the Music Matters website.

Check out the Music Matters Guide for Filmmakers:

Check out the Music Matters Guide for Musicians:

Check out the Music Matters Guide to Sampling:







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