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Industry Commits to National Business Development Plan

Inaugural Contemporary Music Roundtable
Chris Bowen
| August 7, 2015

National Contemporary Music Roundtable – 6th August, Erskineville Town Hall Sydney

The inaugural National Contemporary Music Roundtable has unanimously affirmed a commitment to implement a series of measures to drive business growth and success.

All of Australia’s music business peak bodies and representatives from key music companies and agencies attended the half day forum convened by Music Australia. 50 influential people explored key opportunities for growth and committed to work together to develop detailed national strategies to drive industry growth and success.

Michael Smellie, Music Australia’s Chair noted:

“At Music Australia we take the view that Australian contemporary music needs a cohesive and ambitious set of goals of sufficient ambition to befit our Australian talent, and national pride.  We are delighted that our colleagues have committed to developing a National Contemporary Music Development Plan. One that is comprehensive in scope, covering jobs, skills, investment, economic contribution and cultural impact. There now is a clear industry wide mandate to implement clear strategies that can position Australian Contemporary Music as a global player, influencer and contributor in the world business of music.”

A suite of measures will be developed to foster:

  • Industry economics
  • Market development and promotion
  • Industry skills and capabilities

These will include strategies to increase public respect for Australian music; ensure a vibrant national live music scene; strengthen Australia’s terms of cultural trade in music; improve remuneration and employment for creators and performers; and optimise a skilled music workforce.

Music Australia CEO Chris Bowen has welcomed the response from industry:

“We want to capitalise on the creativity and dynamism of Australia’s contemporary music and strengthen this sector as key national cultural and economic contributor.” Working with all our peak body colleagues and key agencies Music Australia will now convene a series of working groups, and develop a detailed agenda for industry endorsement. This will then drive our advocacy to government and our cooperative development industry-wide.”

Attendees of the day include all music industry peak bodies, key specialist and policy agencies, commercial companies, and individuals. National industry bodies committed to this plan include:

AAM (Association of Artist Managers)

AIR (Australian Independent Record Labels Association)

AMA (Australian Music Association)

AMIN (Australian Music Industry Network)

AMPAL (Australasian Music Publishers Association)

APRA / AMCOS (Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd / Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Ltd)

ARIA (Australia Recording Industry Association)

CBAA (Community Broadcasting Association of Australia)

LPA (Live Performance Australia)

Music Rights Australia

Sounds Australia

The Live Music Office

View a full list of attendees.

To follow next steps and progress, tune into the Roundtable section on the Music Australia website.

Music Australia is the national peak body for all music. Our activities span education, professional industry and community sectors. We deliver campaigns, information, community and sector engagement and projects, including Australia’s largest music education program, Music: Count Us In.

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