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Adelaide Live Music Census Revealed

Image credit: Grace Emily Facebook page
Jasmine Crittenden
| August 14, 2015

On 13 August, Music South Australia, in conjunction with the Live Music Office, released the findings of the Adelaide Live Music Census. Conducted throughout May 2015, the study found that, during the month, the city hosted 962 gigs across 157 venues.

“It demonstrates the degree to which musicians are given the opportunity to professionally perform and audiences are given an opportunity to access live music,” said Lisa Bishop, general manager at Music South Australia.

The census revealed that hotels dominate the live scene, having held 796 (or 79.9%) of the month’s gigs and comprised 108 (or 68.7%) of venues.

“The census results again reinforce the primary role of South Australian hotels in supporting and facilitating a sustainable live music industry,” said Ian Horne, general manager and CEO of the Australian Hotels Association.

The rest of the shows were divided between three entertainment venues, which hosted 17 gigs; eight clubs, which hosted 39; and six restaurants, which hosted 17.  Overall, the material performed was made up of 65% covers and 35% originals.

Ms Bishop said, “It’s pleasing to note that there are venues showcasing original contemporary music. The diversity offers a richer audience experience, that allows venues to bring their own fundamental character to the night time economy – everything from The Dunes at the boutique Grace Emily to The Zep Boys at the stalwart Arkaba.”

Music South Australia and the Live Music Office based the census on data gathered from a range of sources, including venue websites, social media pages, gig guides, word-of-mouth and industry contacts. The statistics provide a benchmark for future studies, with the next census scheduled for 2016.

John Wardle, policy director at the Live Music Office said, “I encourage Adelaide residents to have a look at the census findings and see if there’s some live music happening near you. There are bands and musicians playing around who are as good as you will find anywhere.”

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