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Australian Contemporary Music Industry Snapshot

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Chris Bowen
| July 6, 2015

Music Australia has produced a statistical snapshot of the contemporary Australian Music Industry. We have gathered together existing data to paint a picture by numbers of our music scene. This shows that our creative potential has never been stronger, that we are consuming more of our own music, and that the industry is a serious contributor to our economy. Key facts are:

  • Our artists are in demand internationally; and performance royalties grew 24 percent in 2014
  • We love our own; over a third of 2014’s top 100 Albums were by Australian artists, a big increase
  • Music and performing arts employ over 43,000 people a year
  • More than 8 million people attend live music performances in Australia each year

Yet there are some realities we uncovered which represent real challenges:

  • We are a net importer of cultural goods; our recorded music has dropped from 3rd to 7th place globally
  • Live music is under pressure and attendances are dropping
  • More than half Australian musicians earn less than $10,000 each year from their creative income

These challenges are being faced by a resilient and inventive industry. Strategies are being pursued across the whole sector and all levels of government to maximise the tremendous creative and economic potential of our popular music. Music Australia is contributing to this work by hosting the national Contemporary Music Roundtable to bring Australia’s music leaders together to collaboratively drive advocacy and action.

Download our full Australian Music Industry Statistical Snapshot.

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