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The power of music to change lives – in 9 stories

Photo Credit: The Harmony Project - Flickr
Chris Bowen
| April 14, 2015

Universal access to music is the goal of almost all music educators. While a dream for many, for some it can become a reality through inspiring music education and participation projects committed to closing access and poverty gaps.  Tom Barnes from music.mic has gathered nine imaginative stories of music’s power to change lives. The article include several online videos describing these initiatives, and multiple links to news stories and research information. The projects include:

  • Two orchestras, one in the Congo and one in Paraguay, making and playing instruments made from rubbish
  • The only symphony orchestra in Central Africa, and reputedly the only black orchestra in the world
  • Young people building, maintaining and playing their own instruments in Argentina
  • A Musicians without Borders project that crosses ethnic boundaries for those who have suffered through war
  • The El Sistema project in Venezuela and a similarly inspired project in the US
  • The Harmony Project which offers free music education in some of Los Angeles poorest districts and has documented some remarkable results
  • And the Tipitina Foundation, run by an old music venue, has provided instruments and music workshops to New Orleans school students hard hit after hurricane Katrina

You can read the full music.mic article here

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