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First Nations Stations to Collaborate on 12-Hour Long Broadcast

Jasmine Crittenden
| April 14, 2015

Four First Nations stations will collaborate on a live, 12-hour long, digital broadcast on 8 July 2015, as part of NAIDOC Week. The stations involved are Brisbane’s 98.9 FM, Sydney’s Koori Radio, Melbourne’s 3KND and Perth’s Noongar.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase what’s happening over a huge geographical area,” said Karen Dorante, projects team leader at 98.9 FM. “And with 3.2 million people listening to digital radio now, we’ll be able to reach a much bigger audience than we usually do.”

Programming, which is in progress, will incorporate music, culture, history and debates about contemporary affairs. Each station will determine its contribution independently, drawing inspiration from this year’s NAIDOC Week theme, ‘‘We all stand on sacred ground: learn, respect and celebrate.”

“It’ll be interesting, because each station will have an opportunity to think about its particular city, and what is sacred to Aboriginal people there. Some landmarks might not date to pre-colonisation, but still be significant to black fellas today,” Ms Dorante said.

She added that the project aims to shift the notion, common in non-Indigenous Australia, that “’real’ Aboriginal people live in remote areas and practise traditional cultures, while those who live in urban centres aren’t ‘real’ Aboriginals.”

The project, which is funded by the Community Broadcasting Foundation, will be facilitated via infrastructure provided by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s (CBAA) Digital Radio Project. All community stations will be able to access the broadcast via CRN 2, the CBAA’s satellite distribution platform, and the National Indigenous Radio Service.

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