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Entertainment Assist Survey to Assist Research into Mental Health Issues in the Entertainment Industry

Jasmine Crittenden
| April 28, 2015

As part of a world-first research project into mental health and the Australian entertainment industry, Entertainment Assist is asking industry professionals to participate in a digital survey.

The survey comprises phase two of the study, which is titled ‘Working in the Australian Entertainment Industry’, and is being undertaken in collaboration with a research team from the College of Arts, Victoria University. Its goal is to explore how involvement in the entertainment industry influences mental health. Critical questions under examination include, ‘What are the industry’s pitfalls? How do people cope with these? Where are the gaps? What other support is needed?’

Although the entertainment industry faces frequent criticism for its management of mental health issues, evidence is usually anecdotal, rather than research-based. Once completed, the study will assist in the development of strategies and programs for education and development.

More than 3,000 workers are needed, including musicians, dancers, actors, comedians, circus performers, presenters, roadies, directors, producers and technicians. The survey can be completed on most digital devices and all responses will be kept confidential. You can take part right here.

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