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Classical listeners rate low in loyalty

Classical listeners show low loyalty: Spotify
Graham Strahle
| April 13, 2015

Classical listeners are a fickle bunch, both in Australia and globally. So it seems from a recent ‘Listener Loyalty’ survey conducted by Spotify that measures how consistently listeners stay within their preferred genre or venture across to other genres.

Amongst Australian listeners, Australian country and Metal are at the top of the loyalty ratings, but Classical music is way back in fifteenth place.

The survey, which compares listening patterns in 15 countries, measures the number of repeat listens that “core artists”, who “are most central to each genre”, receive relative to other artists.

It claims that “Metal fans are the world’s loyalest listeners”, with pop, folk, country and rock audiences coming next down the list. Jazz, EDM, classical and blues listeners are at the very bottom, which led the survey to conclude: “those listeners don’t adhere as closely to the core of their favoured genre”.

Spotify’s survey gives few further details and does not identify the “core artists” in each genre, but its results do point to a greater propensity amongst classical, jazz and blues fans to go ‘genre-hopping’ in their listening habits. Contrary to what the survey suggests, this might have less to do with questions of “loyalty” and instead reflect a greater heterogeneity of audience makeup in these genres compared with the others sampled.

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