Celebrating the Art of the Song

Songwriting workshop Finalists: From L-R: Frank Dixon, Larissa Lock, Lynn Ng, Tylah Winyard
Clare Kenny
| March 31, 2015

The song and the art and craft of songwriting is central to our Music: Count Us In school music program. Here we introduce our talented 2015 songwriters, share their reflections on songwriting and offer some ideas for using this activity in the classroom.

Songwriting is a deeply personal and enriching experience for young people. Humans have continually sought new ways to tell their stories. One of the most significant and popular ways to tell stories is through song. Songwriting is a true craft that should be nurtured from a young age. This year, as part of our Music: Count Us In Songwriting Competition, we were thrilled to meet young songwriters from all over the country. Their stories are unique and their sentiments engaging. Our four national finalists have each described the importance of music in their lives and explored how songwriting allows them to share their stories with others:


Frank Dixon, 16 Larissa Lock, 13 Lynn Ng, 11 Tylah Winyard, 13
“For me it is all about people listening to my songs and loving them – If I can make one person enjoy them that is what it is all about!”


“Music is like my second language…I like to express my feelings about important issues through song writing.”


“I really enjoy singing as it is really fun! You can just sing your heart out and have fun!” “I want to pass stories to future generations, as well as kids of today, in a respectful, educational and uplifting way.”



The Music: Count Us In Songwriting Day is the most important step in the lead up to Celebration Day. We are thrilled to have the wonderful John Foreman return as our Program Ambassador and he is off to a busy start, leading our Sydney workshop. John is joined by program mentor, the iconic Marcia Hines, who writes: “Here’s to sharing the gift of music and creating something very special. I look forward to our journey together.” Our finalists are also very lucky to have the opportunity to work with songwriting professional Tom Diesel. Marcia and John will work with us throughout the program this year to help make Music: Count Us In 2015 the best year yet!

The easiest way to foster the next generation of songwriters is to encourage composition in the classroom. There is no better way to encourage young people to write songs than by becoming more comfortable with it yourself. In partnership with Musical Futures Australia, we are offering all teachers the opportunity to improve their songwriting skills by attending one of our Songwriting Workshops for Teachers. Head to the Music Australia website for more information. Register for a workshop near you and share the joy of songwriting with your students.  CK

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