In Black and White

| March 9, 2014

In Black And White - Tango SaloonTango Saloon (featuring Elana Stone)
Newmarket Music

This is a single: two songs. The Tango Saloon is an experimental tango group, who describe their work as ‘tango meets spaghetti western’ though, as they admit, it’s a bit more eclectic than that. The A-side (I guess – it’s a CD) is a dramatic tango, with Elana Stone’s vocals giving the right type of ennui-dripped, world weary, 1930s cabaret approach. The Tango Saloon has 15 members, and although it’s a midtempo, mezzo-piano piece, the track is not overstuffed. It perhaps could have had a stronger melody, but the whole thing works very nicely.

The second track is a cover of one of the finest songs ever written: Goffin and King’s Will you love me tomorrow?. It reminded me of the 1981 cover of Only You by Yazoo: very synth heavy, slightly recontextualised, slowed down and worthy. The approach adds little to the song, but it is a nice attempt and a very creditable B-side.

The band leader, Julian Curwin, has the Mango Balloon as a side project: it is also very much worth checking out.

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