Dr Pamela Karantonis letter to the editor

| March 13, 2014


Dear Editor,

Hi my name is Pamela Karantonis and I am one of the editors of the Volume Opera Indigene – Re/presenting First Nations and Indigenous Cultures for Ashgate (2011).

We are delighted that Music Forum reviewed our book so positively and thank you for featuring our title.

We note one fact in need of correction though and wanted to draw your attention to it.

In the review, Music Forum 19-1 Summer, Anthony Linden Jones wrote:

‘In other chapters, the editor, Pamela Karantonis interviews Deborah Cheetham and Daniel Browning, co-composers of what is acclaimed as the first opera composed by Australian Aboriginal people, talking about the collaborative process of creating the work Pecan Summer.’

The highlighted section is incorrect. In our book, we mention correctly that Pecan Summer is ‘Deborah Cheetham’s work’ (Introduction) and that in Chapter 18 of the book I interview both Deborah Cheetham and Daniel Browning about the importance of the opera.

Deborah Cheetham composed and produced the opera and Daniel Browning produced some excellent documentaries about it for Awaye! for ABC Radio. This is also stated in the biog material of the front matter of the book.

We hope that there might be an opportunity to clarify this in an upcoming issue of Music Forum.

Dr Pamela Karantonis

Convenor, Music Theatre Working Group, International Federation for Theatre Research

Reviewer Anthony Linden Jones writes: ‘I have in error accredited the composition of Pecan Summer to both Deborah Cheetham and Daniel Browning. It is in fact all Deborah’s work. I apologise for any embarrassment caused.’

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