Announcing our lead vocalist

Maeve Marsden
| May 20, 2013

Darren PercivalWe’re thrilled that Darren Percival is singing the lead vocals on the 2013 Music: Count Us In song, Keep On, which we will be releasing in just a few weeks!

Runner up on The Voice last year, Darren has been involved in the Australia music scene for years, performing as Mr Percival and collaborating with artists as diverse as Katie Noonan (this year’s songwriting mentor!), James Morrison, Mahalia Barnes and more.

In 2004, Darren studied in New York City with Bobby McFerrin, focusing on vocal looping, after which he returned to Australia to pursue a solo career. Since 2003, Darren has released 3 solo albums as Mr Percival, his looping artist alter ego.

Darren speaks highly of his time at Chatswood High School, saying that his years studying music at school were “the foundation of my career. I didn’t stop. Everyday learning how to perform and sing and play… it was a very inspiring time.”

We’re happy to welcome Darren to the Music: Count Us In family.

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