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Spicks and Specks of Harpsichord Improvisation

· November 18, 2014

Improvisation in classical music? This is the sort of question which causes much discomfort amongst classically-trained musicians these days. However, there is much evidence which would suggest that not only was improvisation common, it was expected from performers.…

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National Jazz Awards

26-year-old guitarist Carl Morgan took home first prize in the National…

November 12, 2014

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The iPad in Music Education

November 6, 2014

the iPad allows the savvy educator to establish critical learning pathways that focus on musical intelligence rather than on the rote acquisition of skills and facts.

In 2014 we find…

Music Talks

MTake part in our Music Talks Seminar series.

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Music in Communities

MA illustrations final selection-communityLearn about community music in Australia.

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Music: Count Us In

MA Illustration Hands  Education Australia’s biggest school music program!

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