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National Music Issues Forum – Driving Australia’s Contemporary Music Development

Presented by Face the Music and Music Australia in association with our national partners

Date: Friday 13 November, 2015
Time: 1.25pm – 2.25pm
Location: Arts Centre Melbourne, Theatres Building, Members Dining Room (Level 7)

This session will share the work of a unique national partnership to grow our music industry. Capitalising on the creativity and dynamism of Australian contemporary music to strengthen this sector as a key national cultural and economic contributor, a national plan is being jointly developed by all music industry peak bodies. Panellists will discuss this co-operative approach for industry-wide growth, covering creators, jobs, skills, investment, economic contribution and cultural impact.

  • Moderator: Chris Bowen (CEO, Music Australia)
  • Patrick Donovan (CEO, Music Victoria / Chair, Australian Music Industry Network)
  • Yvette Myhill (Executive Director, Association of Artist Managers)
  • Ben O’Hara (Dean, Collarts)
  • Dean Ormston (Head of Membership Services Group, APRA AMCOS)
  • Millie Millgate (Executive Producer, Sounds Australia)
  • Dan Rosen (CEO, ARIA)

Information and bookings at the Face the Music website

Contemporary Music Roundtable 2016

National Contemporary Music Business Plan – Industry commits to develop a national plan

Music Australia is leading development of a National Business Plan with the contemporary music industry. This follows the commitment made by all delegates at the inaugural Contemporary Music Roundtable in August 2015.

Development of this Plan is now underway, working in partnership with all peak bodies and specialist agencies, with Music Australia as secretariat. It will provide a blueprint for national growth of Australian contemporary music. This will be comprehensive in scope, covering, jobs, skills, investment, economic contribution and cultural impact.

Three working groups:

Three working groups involving forty people from across the sector are driving development of the Plan.  A suite of measures will include:

  • Economics of the industry

Tax incentives, regulatory reform, investment and other strategies to grow industry locally and offshore eg: music cities, tourism, leverage copyright to improve returns to all in the supply chain

  • Industry business capabilities

Strengthening industry creative and business skills and capabilities: R&D, innovation, workforce development and training, small business growth, government support for the sector

  • Market development and promotion

Raise profile of Oz music with consumers, grow total domestic and export (paid) audience for Australian music – live and recorded, soft diplomacy to value the multiple contributions music makes to our culture/ respect for copyright/ public, consumer and student awareness & education.


These will be underpinned by strategies to increase public respect for Australian music; ensure a vibrant national live music scene; strengthen Australia’s terms of cultural trade in music; improve remuneration and employment for creators and performers; and optimise a skilled music workforce.


Our contemporary music resources pages has a dozen articles commissioned for the 2015 Roundtable covering all aspects of the industry. Access resources here.

Organising Group

The National Plan is being overseen by an expert Organising Group appointed by the Music Australia Board.

More information

To become involved or join our Roundtable and National Music Plan mailing list, contact us.

News updates

Music Australia Contemporary Music Update #1

Past Events

Music Australia Summit  6 & 7 August 2015

Erskineville Town Hall, 104 Erskineville Rd, Sydney

Our Summit is our 2015 annual gathering of our Music Australia community.

We welcome our expert Councillors and Advisory Groups, along with delegates from the contemporary, classical and community music, sectors for 2 days of professional exchange, dialogue and engagement.

Our signature event this year will be a National Contemporary Music Roundtable. For more information about the Roundtable, see below. Other concurrent events include a Classical Futures workshop and a Community Groups workshop. You can view the full Summit Program Schedule here.

Contemporary Music Industry Roundtable 2015

The inaugural Roundtable, held on 6 August at Erskineville Town hall in Sydney, was attended by 50 delegates from across the contemporary music sector. Strategic priorities for industry growth were tabled and shared. Key points:

  • All Australia’s Music Industry peak body CEOs were represented and spoke on panels
  • 15 people spoke at the conference, with topics covering all aspects of the industry
  • 12 thought proving lead-in articles were commissioned and published, Available here
  • Keynote address was by APRA AMCOS CEO Brett Cottle who provided galvanising insights
  • Favourable feedback and evaluation results were received
  • An expert Organising Group, providing guidance and leadership, was a key success factor

Roundtable delegates unanimously affirmed a commitment to develop a National Music Business Plan. Music Australia is taking the lead, working in partnership with all national peak bodies and agencies.

Read information about the 2015 Roundtable here

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