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A Masterclass with the Academy of St Martin in the Fields

Clare Kenny · April 26, 2017

The Arts Unit is an initiative of the NSW Government, dedicated to providing state school students with learning and performance opportunities across the performing arts. They are also long long-time partners of Music Australia through their ongoing contribution to and involvement in Music: Count Us In.…

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The First Ever Crowdfunded Classical Music World Tour

Clare Kenny · March 28, 2017

TwoSet Violin bring delight to their Facebook fans through their regular videos and memes. Brett Yang and Eddy Chen make up the musical-comedy duo and guest stars like the world-renowned Ray Chen have been more than happy to lend their time and fame to the pair over the last year or so.…

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An Audience of Millions for Australia’s Young Composers

Clare Kenny · March 14, 2017

Artology exists to develop the creative potential of Australia’s young people – and to exhibit their work for the world to see. Over the last few years, in partnership with the Sydney Opera House, Artology’s Fanfare Competition has helped young Australian composers showcase their work on a grand scale.…

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Mindfulness in the Music Room

Clare Kenny · February 28, 2017

Tom Sabatino of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) in the U.S. has recently written on the importance of beginning music lessons with silence and encouraging his students to find presence in the music room.…

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A Songwriting Experience Like No Other!

Clare Kenny · February 14, 2017

Songwriting provides students with an incomparable opportunity for expressing their creativity. Furthermore, collaborative songwriting allows students to explore ideas with other young people and to develop their musical skills.

The Music: Count Us In National Songwriting Competition is currently open to all Australian school students.

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Credit: International School of Music Finland

Music Education: Has Finland Got It Right?

Clare Kenny · January 16, 2017

Finland’s education system is world-renowned. Its approach of personalised learning and equal opportunity to learn for all students has meant it consistently tops global education rankings. We examine what this specifically means for music education in Finland and explore how it can be emulated in Australia.…

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