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Art Under Threat in 2016 – A Worrying Increase in Attacks on Artists

Chris Bowen · February 27, 2017

International agency Freemuse reports that global artistic freedom took a hit in 2016, with a doubling of attacks on artists and violation of their rights across 78 countries. The recorded data includes censorship and the more concerning ‘serious violations’ which included artists killed for practising their craft, as well as abductions, attacks, imprisonments, prosecutions and persecution.…

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Music and Trump

Chris Bowen · February 14, 2017

Music clearly wasn’t in for a smooth ride when it became clear no one wanted to play at President Trump’s inauguration. We survey the story for music in the US so far.…

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Australia Council web ed

Yet Another Funding Cut to the Australia Council

Chris Bowen · February 14, 2017

The Federal Government’s arts funding body the Australia Council has suffered a further blow with a budget cut to add to the net reduction delivered in the last two budgets. Over the past three years Australia Council funds have reduced from $211,764 million in 2014/15 to $183,424 in 2016/17.…

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Creative Victoria’s Rockin’ the Laneways Program

Victoria Shows How it is Done – Solid Investment in Contemporary Music

Chris Bowen · January 30, 2017

Victoria’s rich musical heritage is to be celebrated through a series of projects set to enliven public spaces and share musical history with the public. Music tourism grants under the new Rockin’ the Laneways program will see a digital interactive tour of St Kilda’s jazz history from the 1920’s until today, two musical heritage events, and regional activities including a digital map of Ballarat’s rich musical heritage.…

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Productivity Commision IP report

Productivity Commission Flounders with IP Policy

Chris Bowen · January 16, 2017

Frustratingly released in the lead up to Christmas, it’s easy to see why this final report into Australia’s Intellectual Property arrangements was slipped out at a quiet time.

The report, which proposes substantial changes to Australia’s IP regimes, is not a pleasant read for Australian creators, or for our creative content sector generally.  …

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