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Trial By Fire - Keegan Article image

Trial by fire

· December 2, 2014

It takes courage to step outside the boundaries of a successful career in a musical genre and perform in a very different setting, on stage, in front to an audience. Gambist Jenny Eriksson has decided to do just that.

When Jenny expressed an interest…


AMEB allows recorded accompaniments in exams

February 28, 2015

So commonplace is it now for schools to use CDs to accompany choirs, music classes and concerts that few might even question the practice.

But using pre-recorded tracks…

Musicians teach music better than class teachers

February 27, 2015

Musicians, not class teachers, should be teaching music to young children, a new book says.

Written by four Australian education academics, Musical Childhoods: Explorations…

Hamer Hall, Melbourne
Credit: Peter Bennetts

ABS Survey: Classical Music Bucks the Trend

February 26, 2015

Younger Australians visit cultural venues more frequently than older people, the latest…

“Changing young lives through music…” – Australian Children’s Music Foundation

Investment Company to Donate to Children’s Music

February 22, 2015

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation is in line to receive funds from the country’s…

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