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Image Credit: Victoria Tesoriero

Making the Case for a vibrant Australian live music scene

Chris Bowen · March 31, 2015

Australians love live music

Australians love music and attending live music. A 2011 Ernst and Young study for APRA/AMCOS found that 41 million people attended venue-based live music over the twelve months to 2010. And our love of our own music…



Queensland Music Awards winners

March 31, 2015

Queensland Music Awards were announced last night at Brisbane Powerhouse. Organised by state music industry body QMusic, and in a new time slot and venue, the awards recognise…

SoundBox Opening

San Francisco Symphony’s SoundBox hits its mark

March 31, 2015

SoundBox, a new initiative launched last year by San Francisco’s Symphony Orchestra to draw in a new audience, appears to be hitting the mark. Designed to appeal to those…

Mark Holden 
Image credit: ABC

Mark Holden Speaks Out Against Online Streaming

March 30, 2015

“The song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams was streamed 43 million times on Pandora, the…


Preferred Supplier Deal Makes Touring Cheaper for Australian Bands

March 30, 2015

Australia’s long distances and low population density make touring notoriously expensive.…

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